Port / husbanding agents (at all Uruguayan ports and off-shore maritime areas). 

Cruise and passengers attendance.

Operational, documentary and commercial service between
Asuncion-Rosario-Zarate-La Plata and Montevideo.

Owner’s protective agents.
Charterers representation.
Dry docking and general repairs.
Under water inspections.
Hold inspection and cleaning cordination.
Transhipment ship to ship in anchorage areas
Medical crew assistance.
Shipchandler coordination and deliver to the ship.

Crew change.
Spare parts customs clearance and deliver on board.

IMO cargo specialists (including customs clearance and deliver).
Freight forwarders.
International freights from or to any part around the world.

We offer shipping agency in all Argentinean and Paraguayan ports through an excelence agents net. 


Rambla 25 de Agosto, 1825 No. 318
Floor 3 Of.301.
Montevideo, Uruguay

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