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Maximum drafts:
Entrance channel to the port: 12.30 meters + tide 1.00 meters
Terminal Cuenca del Plata: 11.50 meters + tide 1.00 meters
Piers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9: 10.50 meters to 0
TGM Terminal: 13.00 meters + tide 1.00 meters
Dock 13: 11.00 meters + tide 1.00 meters 

Yes, we can take care of all logistics and customs issues, in order to offer the best and most economical alternatives according to each specific need.

That the merchandise pays taxes only when it is nationalized, that it can be re-exported, split the cargo, without taxes, even spare parts can be delivered on board without paying import duties.

Yes, crew changes can be made under the conditions required by the health authority.

Yes, we are authorized to work in all ports of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay..

Yes, CTM can be delivered in dollars without restrictions.


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